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Experience With BR82 (Breakthrough) highlights
Mar 2014 — Nov 2017

Stealth Monitoring  Dallas, Texas
Head of Marketing
Directed B2B marketing with an emphasis on online for high growth security company with two companies in three countries with over 400 employees and 10 offices.

  • Product. Video surveillance services and equipment, cloud/SaaS/IoT.
  • Results. Increased marketing-generated sales 9x over 2 years through SEO and marketing channel management.
  • Team. Managed 10 employees and contractors.
  • Scope. Branding, lead gen, and sales support, encompassing strategy, KPIs, web, video, content, design, SEO, PPC, advertising, landing pages, email, telemarketing, social media, PR, collaterals, events, MA/CRM, and vertical brands.

BR82: Developed tagline Who's Watching Your Cameras?, innovative video SEO, integrated marketing campaign Stealthy Condolences

2011 - 2014 Business Catapult  Denver, Colorado
Led product, marketing, and sales through two rounds of funding. Business Catapult builds the startup ecosystem by focusing on partners and connecting investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors. Investor workflow tools manage venture submissions and screening. Startups catapult their business through business plan analysis and access to advisory and investment networks.

BR82: Developed organic, personal, and directory-driven market development strategy for hundreds of entrepreneur districts that's viral and eliminates hard sales.

2011 — 2013 BAE Investments   San Francisco, California
Managing Director
Served on management team for investment fund and angel and VC funding accelerator. Provided marketing and deal promotion, screening, and interviewing. Reviewed several hundred high growth startups. BAE uses a proven process that's resulted in 40% of companies being funded. The investment arm delivers a far greater return with less risk compared to the average angel portfolio.

BR82: The average startup faces a one in ten thousand chance at getting funding. Wouldn't you prefer to increase that to one in three?

2008 — 2010
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WeMeUs  San Francisco, California
Directed marketing strategy, programs, and products for Web 2.0 relationship management and lead generation angel-funded startup. Developed multi-tiered premium services plan.

BR82: Leveraged customers to steer company transition from freemium mass market contact manager to premium subscription demand generation system for self-employed professionals and small businesses.

2001 — 2006
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RazorPop  Dallas, Texas
Founder and CEO
Bootstrapped digital media software developer and marketer to $1 million monthly revenues, 22 employees, and exit sale. Software achieved several industry technology firsts, including simultaneous downloading from multiple P2P networks.

BR82: Innovative marketing generated a huge footprint for a tiny company.

  • TrustyFiles software reached 100 million downloads.
  • Indie artist programs like BrandedP2P, Do-It-Yourself affiliates, and the P2P Street Team.
  • Major artist promotions with Steve Winwood, Heart, and Terence Trent D'Arby.
  • XFiles Law Enforcement version.
  • Activist and editorial properties such as the P2P PATROL to fight child pornography, DiaRIAA, and DonateMyMusicCheck.
  • Consulted with and presented to the U.S. Senate, FTC, and FBI.
  • Speaking appearances at and coverage in national conferences and media.
  Yale School of Management   New Haven, Connecticut
Concentrations - Growth Management, Organizational Behavior, Entertainment
BR82: Broke established negotiation class through collaborative mutual goal setting.
  Yale School of Drama   New Haven, Connecticut
Graduate Screenwriting Program
BR82: You haven't seen my movie FutureBox yet?
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Cambridge, Massachusetts
BS, Computer Science
Minor - Creative Writing; Concentration - Artificial Intelligence
BR82: Still waiting to serve our all powerful computer overlords.